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Early detection of breast cancer.

* Requires very small doses of Radiation.

Mammography is still the Gold standard world wide for detecting Breast Cancer; thus the successful breast screening programs adopted in many countries including Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mammogram?

A Mammogram is a detailed x-ray of the breast(s) usually involving two views of each breast taken by a qualified and highly trained Mammographer.

Do I need any preparation before I have a Mammogram?

Whilst making a booking, you will be asked to avoid wearing talcum powder and/ore deodorant as compounds within these products can be picked up by the imaging equipment and diminish the accuracy of the images taken.

What happens during the examination?

The patient is changed into a gown removing top and bra. For each projection, the patient’s breast is placed onto a platform then compression is applied to hold the breast in position whilst the exposure is taken. The patient feels mild discomfort for only a few seconds. The compression does not damage the breast tissue. It allows for better definition by spreading out overlapping glandular tissue.

What happens after the examination?

When the examination is complete, the patient can get dressed and collect their images from reception. A Radiologist’s report is emailed to their Doctor by close of business the same day.

Can I have a Mammogram if I have breast implants?

Patients with Breast Implants can still have a mammogram. Different techniques and projections are employed with the examination taking a little longer. The Implant is NOT compressed during the examination.

Where can I get this examination performed?

X-ray and Imaging, Caloundra, performs Diagnostic Breast Imaging including Digital Mammography and high resolution Ultrasound scanning; and actively follows the guidelines of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists’ Mammography Quality Assurance Program for Digital Mammography Accreditation.

We perform Mammography Scans at our Caloundra location.
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