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Our comprehensive viewing solutions that support physicians and specialists across the care continuum

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Providing referring physicians and clinicians centralized and real-time access to patient orders, images and reports through the full cycle of patient engagement from referral to follow up.

Key features

• Enterprise-wide, zero-footprint access to patients’ images, orders and reports. 
• Easy access to patients’ imaging history for side-by-side comparison
.• Enhanced image measurement and manipulation tools.
• Tailored worklists for clinicians, specialists, ED physicians and more.
• Simplified management of multiple imaging providers.

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How to install inteleConnect

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InteleViewer™ is an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM viewer renowned for its ease of use. Designed to provide an exceptional user experience, InteleViewer provides highly customizable toolsets and a flexible interface that allow radiologists (including subspecialists) to customize their reading and reporting workflow.

Key features

• Flexible worklists to manage individual, sub-specialty and group case loads.
• Maximum workflow efficiency and embedded critical results management.
• Practice-wide peer and image review, embedded naturally within the reading workflow.
• Enhanced service delivery to referring physicians with consistent and structured radiology reports and images, better collaboration and communication tools, and more time for consultations.

To register for inteleViewer please apply for an inteleConnect account first. Use your inteleConnect username and password to login to inteleViewer.

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How to install inteleViewer

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1.) Launch inteleViewer.
2.) Click on edit bookmarks on the left hand side.
3.) Click on the +Add button.
4.) Enter the following details in each box.
Server URL:
Tick Protect Bookmarks
Tick Use Custom Server Name
Name: X-Ray & Imaging
5.) Click OK
6.) Use your account details from inteleConnect

Need some help downloading inteleViewer?

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