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Testes Ultrasound

This study does not emit Radiation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have a Testes/ Scrotal Ultrasound?

Testes ultrasounds can be performed for several reasons including: Lumps or pain suffered in the area by men. In most cases pain is caused by swelling of the epididymis which can be easily treated. Absent testicles in boys and young men. These are usually simply undescended and lie in the abdomen area. It is important to diagnose an undescended testicle as if left untreated has a high cancer risk. Testicular Torsion: Testicular pain may be experienced in response to twisting of the spermatic cord which supplies blood to the testicles. A rapid diagnosis of this is important to avoid any permanent damage. Ultrasound emits no radiation and therefore has no damaging affect upon the testes and fertility and so is almost always the preferred method of testicular imaging.

Who performs the examination?

Ultrasounds are performed by specialist staff called Sonographers. All X-Ray & Imaging Sonographers have extensive clinical ultrasound experience.

What happens during the examination?

In most cases you will be asked to remove your clothing from below the waist. The Sonographer will then ask you to lie on a bed whilst a gel is applied to your scrotum. The Sonographer will then gently press a marker pen shaped instrument known as a transducer over your scrotum to obtain images which will appear on a screen. Once the Sonographer is satisfied that the images are accurate the examination is over. Once you have your films you are finished. Remember to take your films to your next doctor’s appointment. In most cases the whole process takes less than an hour from entering the building and leaving with your results.

Is the examination painful or uncomfortable?

Usually there should be no pain caused by a testes/scrotal ultrasound. In extreme cases the slight pressure of the transducer upon the scrotum can cause some pain. The ultrasounds themselves are completely pain free.

What does it show?

As the scrotum and surrounding tissues are relatively thin, scrotal ultrasounds are extremely concise and can show lumps and swellings in detail. Lumps that are symmetrical with clear fluid in them are cysts and are not usually harmful. Solid lumps or lumps with solid parts may need further examination however in most cases scrotal lumps occur outside the testes and are benign. Ultrasound examinations can show whether missing testicles are undeveloped or as in most cases, simply undescended.

Do I need to do any preparation for a Testes/ Scrotal Ultrasound?

No. It is advised, however, that you wear loose fitting clothing for your comfort.

Do I have to book an appointment?

Yes. Ultrasound appointments are often booked several days in advance so it is important to book as soon as possible. Call your closest X-Ray & Imaging to book your appointment.

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